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The Moab Sun News provides advertisers with unparalleled access to the thousands of locals and visitors who read our paper each week. Not only are we the main source of accessible weekly information on events, politics and outdoor recreation in the area, we are available free of charge in print and online. 

We're happy to work with your organization to find the size of ad and length of time to run that best fits your budget and your plans.

Professional Moab Sun News designers are available to help you create your ad if you require support.

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Available ad sizes

Full page (10.188” x 15.5”)

3/5 page (6.05” x 15.5”)

1/2 page (10.188” x 7.68”)

1/3 page (6.05” x 7.68”) 

1/6 page (Horizontal: 6.05” x 5” Vertical: 3.98” x 7.68”) 

1/8 page (Horizontal: 6.05” x 3.5” Vertical: 3.98” x 5”) 

1/15 page (3.98” x 3”)

1/20 page (3.98” x 2”)

Front and back page banner ads (contact us)

Inserts, Sponsored Content, Preprints

Need a custom ad package? We love coming up with creative ways to make your life easier. From sponsored content proposals to advertising inserts, give us a call and we’ll come up with a package tailored to your business’s needs. Email or call 435-625-1372

Nonprofit Discount

We love our community! Non-profit organizations can advertise at a 30% discount from our regular open rates. Proof of 501(c)3 status is required.