Officers from the Grand County Sheriff’s Office and the Moab City Police Department apprehended two armed robbery suspects in an evening traffic stop near the Colorado River on Sept. 24.

Three men allegedly attacked a man and his girlfriend at their home in Price after an altercation, officials from the Price City Police Department said in a press statement. According to the statement, the men fled in two vehicles after severely beating the man and robbing the residence.

Descriptions of the vehicles and suspects were broadcast to regional law enforcement agencies, including the Grand County Sheriff’s Office and the Moab City Police Department. A multiple-agency effort was formed to monitor the Interstate 70 corridor into Colorado.

One suspect was apprehended outside of Green River and Moab officers witnessed a vehicle matching the description of the remaining vehicle headed southbound on Highway 191 into the city.

Officers pulled behind the vehicle, which turned off onto a dirt road approximately half a mile from the Colorado River Bridge and then tried to turn around to go back to the highway, according to reports. Officers exited their vehicles with guns drawn and ordered the driver of the car to stop.

Two men, later identified as the remaining robbery suspects, exited the vehicle and were transported to the Grand County Jail. Upon a search, a large white garbage bag full of marijuana, a bag full of money, and a handgun were located in the vehicle.

A statement from the Price City Police Department emphasized that the crimes are still alleged pending investigation.

“Formal charges for all three men have been referred to the Carbon County Attorney’s Office,” the department stated.

“The Price City Police Department would like to thank all assisting agencies for their active efforts in identifying and locating the three men,” the release stated. “A special thanks to those officers who stopped the vehicles knowing the imminent danger that was presented to them.”