Angeles Lemus-Lemus has been chosen as the seventh-grade student of the month for her hard work, kindness and her dedication to learning. Angeles is always prepared for class, on-task and ready to learn from the moment she sits down. She also is willing to participate in class activities and ask questions that help clarify information. Teachers say that Angeles is a kind and caring student who is polite and respectful. Angeles is always willing to help other students. Angeles has excellent grades which shows how much she cares about her education. Angeles loves anime and she lives with her mom and her dog, Pepe. She says that her two best friends are Leilani and Ella and her biggest supporter is her mom. Her advice to her classmates is: “Don’t give the answers if you’re helping someone. Teach them how to solve the problem.” Congratulations to Angeles for this recognition of her work, kindness and dedication to education!

Tatum Packard

The eighth-grade student of the month is Tatum Packard. Staff says that it is always a good thing when Tatum walks into the room. She has a natural calmness about her that she brings to her classes every day. She takes pride in her work and is a confident leader, demonstrating by example. She has the composure to do what is right and appropriate in all situations. She is attentive and conscientious in class. Her participation in class helps lead discussions in a positive way, while her sense of humor and kindness help keep the mood light. Tatum is organized and thoughtful. She has excellent focus and is able to see her work through to completion, no matter what others around her are doing. Tatum enjoys dancing and basketball and is looking forward to participating on the high school teams next year. She also loves to wakeboard. Tatum loves to read and says that she sometimes stays up all night enjoying a book. She is very social and loves to play four-square at lunch with her friends. Thanks, Tatum, for all your hard work!