Approving the Bluff Interlocal Agreement

Item tabled, with instruction to staff to research other options.

Approving TB Prevention and Control Agreement

Item passed.

Ordinance adopting the rules, procedures, and bylaws for the San Juan County Planning Commission

Item passed.

Planning Commission Recommended Revised San Juan Spanish Valley Zoning Map

Item tabled and referred back to the Planning and Zoning Commission for a future public meeting.

Approving Spanish Valley Special Service District Loan

Item passed.

West Mountain Irrigation Company request for support regarding an application to the US Forest Service for a Special Use Permit allowing the company to maintain and protect the final steep one-mile section of the Allen Canyon Access Road (FS Road 5215)

Item declined, 2-1 with a recommendation for a gate to remain unlocked.

Resolution encouraging the BLM and Forest Service’s continued protections against mineral development and leasing in areas that were taken out of Bears Ears National Monument.

Item passed 2-1 with Bruce Adams in opposition.

Ordinance adopting an updated San Juan County purchasing policy

Item passed.

Ordinance amending the San Juan County personal policy section 11, reimbursement for expense related to travel

Item passed.

San Juan County Commission meetings are held every first and third Tuesday of the month and are live-streamed on the San Juan County Facebook page.