Mutt of the week: Big Head

[Courtesy Photo]

This past weekend, Underdog Animal Rescue and Rehab went to the Red Mesa Chapter on the Navajo Nation to host a free spay and neuter and low cost vaccination clinic. As soon as our staff settled into the chapter house, this week’s mutt showed up wagging his tail and looking for affection. As the clinic started, the pup we nicknamed Big Head went with our volunteers to each car to help get folks registered and checked in. He was starting to cause a ruckus though. He loved to taunt the dogs in the cars and got very excited when cats were brought in to be spayed and neutered so Underdog kennelled him in the volunteer area.

Big Head is one of the 250,000 stray dogs on the Navajo Nation without food, water or shelter. As summer approaches, one of the biggest threats to stray dogs is the desert heat. Big Head cried and howled in the kennel, but once he realized he got food and water and lots of pets from staff and volunteers on break, he refused to leave! We’re impressed with this mutt: Big Head really rescued himself.

Big Head is now safe at the ranch and is loving his new accommodations, but he is just one of 83 dogs accepted this weekend into our rescue. We need fosters in the area that are willing to take puppies and our adult dogs. At this time, donations are also greatly appreciated to support the animal needs and new medical cases! To inquire about fostering, adopting, volunteering and donating please call us at 435-260-8033 or email us at

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