Create a vision for Moab’s waste stream

Moab Solutions’ volunteers pulled a metal door out of a creek in Moab. Volunteers with the nonprofit regularly pick up waste at Moab’s parks, streams and trails. Community partners, including Moab Solutions Executive Director Sara Melnicoff, will talk about solutions to Moab’s waste stream at a discussion at the Community Recycling Center on Thursday, May 30. [Photo courtesy of Moab Solutions]

Join the Resiliency Hub on Thursday, May 30 for a conversation about Moab’s waste stream.

“Tea and a Topic: Envisioning the Future of Moab’s Waste Stream” is happening from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Community Recycling Center located at 1000 E. Sand Flats Rd.

Staff and members of the Resiliency Hub, Solid Waste Special Service District #1, Moab Solutions and other community partners will be there for the discussion.

“What is a waste stream?” A waste stream, by definition, is the complete flow of waste from a domestic (or industrial) area to its final disposal. This event was created to bring the community together to understand and talk about new methods and solutions for the community’s landfill, recycling and composting systems, according to the event’s organizers.

Along with the Tea and a Topic: Envisioning the Future of Moab’s Waste Stream talk, a variety of refreshments and teas will be offered to participants who attend the event.

Steph Hamborsky, a Resiliency Hub board member, said the Tea and a Topic events are designed to be productive meetings on topics that are important to the community. The events are free and open to the public.

“It is a way for the community to come up with ideas to reduce, reuse and recycle items in the local landfill,” Hamborsky said.

She it’s also an opportunity to “talk about food recovery and upcycling to create more regenerative sustainable ways of life and have a serious conversation about the future of Moab’s waste stream.”

Tea and a Topic: Envisioning the Future of Moab’s Waste Stream will have two parts.

The first part of the event will include a presentation about the current state of Moab’s waste stream. The presentation will be led by presenters from the community, including Evan Tyrrell, the district manager for the Solid Waste Special Service District #1, and Sara Melnicoff, the executive director of Moab Solutions.

Moab Solutions is one of several community nonprofits working to address recycling and waste in the Moab community. Moab Solutions hosts events to clean up Moab’s trails and parks and brings awareness to recycling.

Melnicoff said that she adds “respect” and “rethink” to the “reduce, reuse and recycle” waste hierarchy. “When you respect the planet, then you realize you’re in a partnership with it and you give a little thought about what you are doing,” Melnicoff said.

The second part of the event will feature an open question-and-answer session to give community members the opportunity to ask questions, offer feedback, new strategies or present alternative ideas on how to reduce the waste footprint in the Moab community.

The Community Recycling Center has improved greatly over the past few months, Melnicoff said, due to the new district manager and his team implementing some of the practices to be discussed at the Tea and a Topic: Envisioning the Future of Moab’s Waste Stream presentation.

“Envisioning the future of Moab’s waste stream” is exactly what Hamborsky hopes to accomplish.