Freaky Friday

[Grand County High School]

Opening night for Grand County High School’s production of “Freaky Friday: The Musical” is on Thursday, Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. at the Grand County High School Auditorium (608 S. 400 East). There will also be showings on Friday, Nov. 19 and Saturday, Nov. 20. Tickets are $8 for adults; $5 for students and senior citizens.

Pictured are the cast and crew: in the back row, from left to right, are Megan Kimmerlee, Louraina Minor, Kaistin Oliver, Zoe Olsen, Gerald Minor, Elias Patterson, Willow Nichols, Tanyon Griffith, Arthur Hawks, Alex Mascaro, Aly Bertoch, Lorena Johnson, Aislynn Whitney, Conner Copeland and Whytney Hawks. In the front row, from left to right, are Jace Reidhead, Andrew Holyoak , Liam Clark, Emmaline Smith, Bianca Mitchell, Gavin Vink, Sydney Cornelius, Rosie Thomas, Tallulah Maher-Young, Natalie Skowbo, Rhys Johnson and Katie Wakefield.