A volunteer fundraising

Past volunteers at the Moab Solutions holiday donation table. [File photo]

Moab Solutions will be fundraising for its 10th annual Emergency Needs Fund from Nov. 26 through Christmas Eve. The annual fundraiser asks passersby outside of City Market (425 S. Main Street, Moab) to support year-round assistance to those in need. Roughly half of the Emergency Needs fund for the year is raised through holiday giving.

“100% of the funds we raise at City Market go to the emergency needs of the community,” a press release from the nonprofit reads. “Through this fund, Moab Solutions has been able to provide rental assistance as well as emergency lodging, pay for medical bills, utilities, food, clothing, transportation for stranded travelers, and much more.”

The COVID-19 pandemic restricted the in-person donation table in the past, but this year, the group is also looking for community members willing and able to volunteer to staff the donation table during the holiday season.

Anyone interested can contact Moab Solutions Executive Director Sara Melnicoff at 435-401-4685 or donate directly to the emergency needs fund at www.moab-solutions.org