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A luxury train company is planning a route that will bring travelers from Denver to Moab. Th…

I began a journey of formal public service six short years ago, and I’m now entering a ‘Post-Commissioner’ phase. I’ve come full circle: from watching from the spectator seats in the council chamber to sitting at the dais as a decision-maker to being ‘onscreen’ in Zoom me… Read more

I was thrilled to read in this week’s paper that the City of Moab is now prioritizing water concerns. [See “A Thirsty Valley,” in our Jan. 7 edition. -ed.] The two counties and the towns locat… Read more

We live in Kayenta Heights, an area that is usually very quiet. Once in a while, a lost UTV driver comes up our street, but it is NOT a big problem in our subdivision. However, twice this fall… Read more

Grand County High School wrestler Landon Moralez went 10-0 over the two days at different tournaments at the Cedar Invitational on Jan. 9. “Landon is having a great season so far with an undefeated streak,” said Coach Wells, noting that one of Landon’s wins was against th… Read more

Moroni Roberts readies for a free throw as the Grand County boys basketball team faced the North Sanpete Hawks on Jan. 9. The game was closely contested for three quarters before Grand County … Read more